Meritor Wheel Seals

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the warranty coverage of the Meritor seal?

  • Standard Seals (MER01XX) 1-Year/150,000 Miles
  • Premium Seals (MER02XX) 2-Years/300,000 Miles
  • Extended Platinum Wheel-End Warranty 3-Years/Unlimited Mileage*

Q.  What is the difference between the Meritor Standard and Premium seal?

The Standard seal material is manufactured with nitrile rubber which has a dry heat temperature range from -22° F to 212° F. The Premium seal material is manufactured with HNBR rubber which has a dry heat temperature range from -22° F to 300° F. The Premium seals will operate at higher temperatures and allow the use of synthetic lubricants.

Q.  What is the benefit of the “Exclusion Path” located in the hub?

The exclusion path on the majority of competitive seals is located on the face of the seal’s “air side” leaving it completely exposed to the elements. The exclusion path on the Meritor seal, when installed, is located in the hub providing an additional defense against dirt ingress.

Q.  What tools are needed to install the seal?

Because of its rigid construction, the Meritor seal does not require specially designed tools for installation and can be installed correctly by hand. Alternatively, it can be installed with any likesized competitive seal tool, with the use of a hammer, or any combination of these options.

Q.  Can the seal be installed if it is dropped on the floor during installation?

The thicker steel and rubber OD will protect the seal from damage if dropped on the floor during installation. Ensure any dirt is wiped from the outer surface of the seal before installing. Proper lubrication of the seal OD and ID are still required prior to installation.

Q.  Where can a Meritor Installation Drive Tool be obtained if a competitive tool is unavailable?

Meritor does not offer an installation tool. If a competitive tool is unavailable, the Meritor wheel seal can easily be installed by hand.

Q.  Do our maintenance personnel require installation training and certification from Meritor to receive warranty coverage?

The Meritor Wheel Seal is so easy to install, no additional training is required for valid warranty coverage.

Q.  Should the Standard or Premium seal be installed for severe service applications such as refuse and construction vehicles?

For severe service applications, Meritor recommends use of the Premium Meritor Wheel Seal due to the elevated temperature range these applications generally work within.

* For specific information on the extended warranty see publication SP-1284.